Making Nano Technology Big

Feynlab Hydro
marine coating.
A 3 year warranty
says it all.

A hard ceramic, UV protector developed
further with nano technology to be
tougher and longer lasting than
any traditional ceramic coating. 


Feynlab Hydro
coated princess motor yacht
Your boat will always look like new!

Rejuvenate tired gelcoat and painted finishes for constant gloss and ease of cleaning

Feynlab Hydro will bring back the shine to older boats, making tired and powdery finishes look new again. Cheaper and harder wearing than vinyl – and unlike vinyl can be applied to not only the hull, but also the deck and non skid areas of your boat. Simply hose it down and walk away.

Preserve your boat, your money and your time!

Dreamed of owning a boat – but not the maintenance costs?

Anyone who owns a boat appreciates the time and money spent maintaining them. Rather than having your boat polished with soft polishes, coating your boat in Feynlab Hydro will keep your boat looking new, helps to maintain its value, save you enormous amounts of time in cleaning and ultimately save you money on detailing.

What Makes Feynlab Hydro Different

Feynlab Hydro is the only coating that is delivered in 4 layers, to form a hard outer coating that won’t soften, yellow and lasts a minimum of 3 years.
It offers maximum protection, shine and ease of care after professional application.

Layer One: Prep and Fill Pores

HYDRO’s nanoparticle polish refines a boat’s soft and porous gel coat finish, while the resin aids in the prevention of future oxidation. Heat generated from the procedure cures the  particles into the pores, strengthening the surface structure.

Layer Two: Chemical Resistance

A second layer of HYDRO’s ceramic formula gives your vessel’s surfaces chemical protection from foreign elements and environmental contaminants. The high ratio of chemical components add additional strength.

Layer Three: Durable ‘Sunscreen’

Next is HYDRO’s third layer which acts as your boat’s sunscreen, dispersing over 99% of UVA & UVB rays. State-of-the-art zinc oxides and a combination of other nano particles offer a broad spectrum of UV protection, effectively stopping oxidation before it starts.

Layer Four: The WOW Factor

The final layer of HYDRO adds additional chemical resistance and creates an ultra-hydrophobic, slick and glossy finish. This hydrophobic layer reduces drag in the water, increasing efficiency and making cleanup and rinse off a breeze.

Why Feynlab Hydro is the Game-Changer

Due to the harsh Australian climate, traditional waxes and polishes melt almost as soon as they’re applied and most ceramic coatings are short lived with a semi-permanent 2-layer application. Not until now, does a marine coating provide what it should – protection, less maintenance and dazzling results.

Long Lasting Durability

Waxes melt with heat, leach and when they soften, they actually attract dirt due to their sticky nature. Sealants are also short lived and as with wax provide little protection. HYDRO’s hard ceramic resin protects for up to five years.

Stop Oxidation & Corrosion

HYDRO is the only marine coating that is delivered in a strong four-layer coating system that actually penetrates the gel coat, filling pores and stopping oxidation before it starts, preventing corrosion from ruining your finish.

UV Protection

Utilising FEYNLAB’s smart nanotechnology, HYDRO ensures UV rays scatter from the surface, reducing the probability of penetration to approximately 1%. This effectively stops oxidation of the boats surface.

Fuel Efficiency & Speed

When applied below the waterline and on propellers, watercrafts treated with HYDRO see increased fuel efficiency and additional speed. Not only does it improve slip resistance, it also greatly reduces cleaning and maintenance.

Glossy Finish

HYDRO’s proprietary ceramic resin provides a semi-permanent shine and depth of colour like no other product on the market. Not only will you protect the original finish or rejuvenate an older finish, you’ll keep your boat looking new.

Easy Maintenance

HYDRO’s self-cleaning hydrophobic topcoat prevents staining and environmental contaminants from attaching to the watercraft’s surface, making clean up simple. No other boat care products can match it.

The proof of Feynlab Hydro’s resilience is its 3 year warranty

Your boat’s gelcoat isn’t like the paint on your car, nor does your car exist in a marine environment.
That’s why Hydro was developed specifically for marine craft rather than adapted from the auto industry – like other ceramic coatings.

Why use Feynlab Hydro?

Whether you own a jet ski or a super yacht, own one boat or charter many – Hydro will save you time and money.

Private Boat Owner

Preserve your investment
Protect the original finish
Save time on maintenance
Save money on yearly polishing
Or make an old finish look new
Get more time to enjoy your boat
Finish will always look great


Charter Companies

Reduce maintenance costs
Less time cleaning
Less labour costs
Protect owner’s investment
Improve customer perception
Fleet will always look great
Improve customer satisfaction


Boat Detailers

Provide a quality offering
Create a market differentiator
Improve your business
Spend less time polishing
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase return business
Improve job satisfaction


Traditional Vs Feynlab Hydro

Given that the majority of the cost of polishing a boat is the labour involved, the long term benefits of applying Feynlab Hydro make it a very attractive alternative.
Do it once on your next detail and enjoy the huge benefits for the next 3 to 5 years. If you want to save money and time, the equation is a simple one!

Buff Compound, Polish & Wax

Yearly or more expense
Only looks good for a couple of months
Soon after gelcoat looks dull & shows marks
Still requires cleaning shortly after
Can’t be used on non skid areas
Offers little to no UV protection
Can’t protect boat long-term as its soft & leaches off
Only saves cleaning time just after its polish
Deteriorates leaving streaks on glass & stainless

vs Feynlab Hydro Application

One upfront cost
Lasts for a minimum of 3 years
Boat always looks great
No need to scrub or high pressure clean
Can be used on difficult to clean non skid areas
99% UV protection
Preserves boats original finish
Saves hours and hours of cleaning
Large cost savings over 3 years

Protection, constant gloss and easy care

Hydro’s stand-out difference is its hard 4-layer system

The Feynlab Hydro system consists of a hard UV coating that creates a hydrophobic surface, causing water and contamination to release quickly for stress free cleaning. While smart nanoparticles scatter UV rays, stopping the boats surface from going yellow and powdery.

Are you interested in growing your detailing business?

Find out about Feynlab Hydro’s Approved Applicators Program. Join a group of select detailing companies in the Australia and Pacific island region to deliver the best marine coating on the market today! 


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All Feynlab products are made in the US and 3rd party tested by Exova – the world’s largest dedicated testing group, trusted by leading organisations to test and advise on the safety, quality and performance of their products.